Thursday, September 17, 2009


Mr. Froggie visited our home yesterday morning during school. He was welcomed by our family as we like frogs around here - although we felt he would be happier outside. After trying to get him back out the way he came (through the open window) we decided it would be easier to take him out the front door. I especially thought this was a good idea since he was a bit nervous about all the attention and peed on my window. I am not a super neat freak but frog pee is different than toddler fingerprints!! :0)

Our little trip into the front yard ended up being a mini nature walk as we found several of his friends in my flower garden!!

Aren't they cute?!!

I love the unexpected adventures in my Mommy job!!!


Amy said...

Those froggies are so cute!

Cinnamon said...

Try froggie pee on your 7 yr old's feet :-p yuck~


Simply Stork said...

so cute!