Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Like I said before "We tried" but I guess I was really just fooling myself to think we could escape a whole winter with nothing but a mild cold when I've got kids who just troll for germs!!! My sweet ones didn't want to be alone in their misery so very generously shared and now I'm down for the count. Jacob and Esther seem to be working on it as well. And it's Spring break for our Homeschool Center for Pete's Sake!! Oh well, It's raining and cold anyway. So all this to say I think I'm going to take a small blogging break until my fever goes away!!!


Simply Stork said...

oh no! poor things...

blessings to you and the little ones :O-


BECKY said...

I'm so sorry!! Not a fun way to spend spring break!! Wish I could bring you some soothing homemade chicken soup!!

Praying that you will all be well soon!

Cinnamon said...

Sorry you're feeling under the weather. Funny, I rarely get sick when the kids get it. Sometimes I wish I was sick so i could get some rest. Thankfully Granton has been sleeping very well. If I completely take myself off of everything new he does great~

Hope you're all better soon~


Anonymous said...

:( We love the Waysons! Get better soon soon! And Happy Birthday to Big D:)