Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Bit O' the Irish

Today we are enjoying all things Irish. We started the day with our once a year box of Lucky Charms. We will be doing more studies of Ireland and St. Patrick.

Did you know he was an English boy who was enslaved by the Irish for many years during which he became saved - after he returned to England he became convicted to return and preach the gospel to the Irish. His obedience to God changed history. The Irish church became so strong that it was the force behind evangelizing all of Europe during the Dark Ages. A very important reason to remember St. Patrick for sure!!

We also are going to make Irish Soda Bread and watch Riverdance. We will top it off with an Irish dinner and green sherbet for dessert. Through all this fun today my message to the kids is that obedience to God's will can not only change our own life but many around us!!!

Here are some pictures of my daughter in her Irish Dance class


Simply Stork said...

we are doing the same :o)

enjoy your day :o)


Cinnamon said...

How fun! How cute! How yummy! :-)


Anonymous said...

We also found out that after 6 years in slavery, Patrick heard the Lord tell him it was time to escape! He went down to the water, and there was a boat, ready to go back to the mainland.....Years later, God again told him to go back and preach the good news, so he did. Gotta love Patrick!