Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Spoke too Soon

A couple of weeks ago I said I thought Winter was over and Spring was here to stay. When am I going to learn? Never say stuff like that out loud!! (Other things to never say out loud are: My child is completely potty trained and We haven't had any ear infections this winter!! :0)

Anyway, a quick and effective snowstorm swept through our area yesterday and brought Winter back. I almost got out the Christmas music!! It was only about 20* outside last night! My poor primroses are shocked to death (literally) at the change in temperature.

The sun came out today but it's very, very cold.
So today after school the kids spent the day doing this:

And this:
I spent the day indoors. It's just too cold for those afflicted with Spring Fever!! I found a new Honey wheat bread recipe to try and it turned out lovely although I think I could have made it into three loaves instead. This is to go with our chicken soup all filled with yummy veggies from my trip to the fruit stand yesterday. I have never visited my fruit stand in the snow. Since it's an open stand, I froze my tootsies right off and I didn't quite get that wonderful springy, summery feel that I love but the veggies sure made the soup yummy all the same!! :0)
One day down with Daddy out of town. Just a couple more to go. Well, I gotta get off this computer and go finish cleaning the bathrooms so I can work on my Spring (yoo hoo - we're waiting) shawl.


Cinnamon said...

Yes it's cold here too! Tonight it will get down to 12* and the wind is howling. Which reminds me Tornado season is on it's way :-)

Love the bread!!!


Anonymous said...

Just say no to snow in March. It was fun in the "winter" (Oops, it's not over officially...). Is the bread the recipe I gave you? Yes, it does make big loaves. Good idea to split it 3 ways:)

Simply Stork said...

winter??? nah, it always snows in march...don't you remember last year. It snowed on my birthday and it is in the middle of april??? weird!


~Susan~ said...

It's hard to believe you're only a couple of states away and are having snow! We've had beautiful weather here in CA!

Your bread looks absolutely delicious :0)

Maren said...

I wish the weather would make up it's mind! I never know whether to wear a sweater or shorts or flip flops or what! And what about dinner??? Chili? Salad? I can't wait for summer:)