Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lovely Day

Our big boys were at a youth convention (Dare 2 Share) today learning to share their faith. A wonderful thing for them to do for sure!!

The rest of us decided to play:

A beautiful church on our drive
As we drove between ploughed and unploughed fields we came across this enormous flock of snow geese - we've never been so close before!! They were incredibly noisy!!! There were at least 500 of these honking birds!!! They will be flying home to the Arctic soon.
We stopped in a tiny town and had hot cocoa and shared a cinnamon roll (a sweet older lady offered to take our picture)
We had to stop and play by the water. The pungent salty smell of the Puget Sound made us all hungry for clam chowder!!A beautiful old barn
We saw many of these magnificent birds!! No wonder they are our national bird - they are amazing!!
More Bald Eagles
The farmers in this area plant huge fields of daffodils and tulips. The color is breathtaking!!! (The tulips weren't showing any color yet - but the daffs were something else!!)

Then finally we came across a field that was the home to about 75 swans - they were beautiful!! So very graceful!!! They also will be flying away soon.

What a fabulous day we have had - God made so many wonderful, beautiful things and it is so great to get out and see them!!!


BECKY said...

What a lovely little drive you took!! You have some beautiful wildlife in your area!! We see an eagle here and there, but never more than one at a time!! What a blessing!!

Thank you so much for sharing...simply lovely. That old church was really neat, too!

Have a joyful Sunday!

Simply Stork said...

hey! looks like you were out by us??? Looks like you had a great day together :o)

beautiful pics :o)


trickysticks said...

What a great family day out! Yay!

Cinnamon said...

What a beautiful family day~