Thursday, March 5, 2009

Scavenger Hunt Thursday

Our scavenger hunt is well underway - and it's been really fun!! So for today we were to find:

1. My favorite book
2. Something pointy
3. Something that makes me giggle

Here goes:

The book one was super hard for me. I love to read - do it all the time - and I have about a million favorites (Well maybe 300 :0)!! I love all the Little House books, the Mitford series, the Lord of the Rings, Narnia books, Jane Austin, Agatha Christie, most mysteries, adventure books, shampoo bottles if there's nothing else, really anything with words on it!!! To pick one is impossible - so I picked my favorite one recently read:

Anne of Green Gables - you can see how well loved it is!!
Something pointy:
These scissors are sharp!! I use them for my crocheting and any other projects I'm doing. While they are a very nice pair and super handy, how they came to live at our house wasn't so fun. They are actually a souvenir from the local ER after my #2 son fell off his skateboard and needed stitches in his chin. Although if you asked him he wouldn't say he fell off - he would say he was doing an awesome trick and miscalculated his landing :0).
Something (or someone) that makes me giggle:
This wonderful man - after almost 21 years married still has the ability to make me giggle like a schoolgirl!! God was giving me the ultimate blessing to bring him into my life!!
Simply Stork is the mastermind behind this game. Go see her beautiful place - it'll be fun!!!


Simply Stork said...

I love it that your favorite book is so well can sure tell you do love that one :o)

Your husband looks a little bit like he is having himself a little giggle in that photo (giggle, giggle)


Cinnamon said...

I love Anne too! Great picture of your husband. Seems to me that you can make him giggle too :-)


trickysticks said...

Giggling is my favorite. I think it is great to hear giggling. Right now, however, I have a kitchen full of man voices. They don't usually giggle. They....guffaw?