Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Turning six years old is a big deal!! And our sweet Abigail has reached that milestone!!

Abigail - my sweet little funnyface has the very best giggle in the world and keeps us entertained daily with the joy she shares with the world! What fun she is and I'm so glad God put her in our family!!
Monkey time
Abbie will make a wonderful mommy one day!! She loves her baby sister!
Happy Birthday, Honey Bun! We are so proud of you and love you very much!!!
Daddy and Mommy


Cinnamon said...

What a precious little smile~
Happy 6th Birthday ~


Simply Stork said...

-Happy Birthday to Abby-

I agree...she will be a great mommy some day without a care in the world :o)


Simply Stork said...

Hello again to Momo-

Hey, I came across this the other day...thought you might enjoy a peek. I only wish I had known about these when I was nursing.


trickysticks said...

Happy, happy birthday, to one of the smiliest girls I know! Tessy can't wait to help you celebrate!