Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Hunt

Here we go - one more scavenger hunt from Simply Stork. She's sure done a good job of giving me stuff to write about, and a way to look around my house a little differently as I go about my days this week!!

Today we were to find:

1. Something handmade
2. A picture of my kids
3. What is in my purse right now

I just finished this doily - it's the second one I've made. It's going to be given to our nursery lady at church. She is such a sweet gal. Since I don't leave my kids in the nursery - I've spent lots of time rocking and nursing babies in the nursery rocking chair and have really gotten to know her. I just want to thank her for a job that most people don't notice

It's so hard to catch all these kids in the same place for any candid shots any more I had to use the formal photos we had taken just a couple of months ago to get them all. (I cheated and used to photos already up on my sidebar)
I don't carry a purse. It's a diaper bag for me. This very cute bag I have now was made by a dear friend. Isn't it sweet?
And of course, it's filled with baby stuff. A crochet project for me and my wallet, keys, chapstick and mints. I will throw in a baby blanket on top of all that when I leave the house.
So I'm off to get ready for my homeschool co-op classes. I'm running late - gotta go. Have a great Friday!!!

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Simply Stork said...

I love the way your doily turned out :o) so pretty :o)

thanks for joining me in my scavenger hunt this week :o)