Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The tree

We had to take down a tree in our yard because it's roots were making their way into the neighbor's driveway and cracking it up (I think they are the only ones in the neighborhood to have a paved driveway). So, our logger friend came over yesterday and worked his logging magic. I really thought this would be a big deal, but...

he brought his small chainsaw and turned this tall tree
into this in a matter of minutes
then he went to work
and turned that long tree into rounds in a very short time - now our yard is full of tree
which is fine with the little ones!!!
They spent the day racing each other up and down the logs

Even the dog got into the action
Now the rest of the job belongs to hubby and the three big boys. Chopping work is a favorite activity for several of them so they are honestly looking forward to the next few weekends. Thank you logger friend for your expert work!!


Cinnamon said...

Oh I love all the trees. We miss seeing trees everywhere like we did when we lived in CA. There are NO trees in Iowa :-) just lots and lots of corn and soybeans. But the fields are beautiful to look at.

Looks like everyone was having fun~


Theresa said...

What a fun adventure for the kids to watch. I LOVE all your trees! We have lots of trees here in CA, but it's not the same as PNW trees! :o)

Ross' Cottage said...

HI there,
Hey look I am on. The computer seems to be staying online today. We did not do anything to fix it so who knows what has been wrong?
I hear that Esther was sick this weekend..poor thing..poor mom. I bet you never worked so hard to get so little done! That feeling can be so frustrating! I am glad to see the tree came down so well. Hubby got an ax for his ,I think it was ....his
10th birthday and an chainsaw when he was a young teen. These were better then any toys or electronics according to him.
Thank you so much for letting my younger 2 come over while daddy worked! I really needed the time alone! I did not feel well all day yesterday. I really appreciated you letting them come and they were so happy you invited them.
Well it is late...
I should get to bed.

Tricia said...

Totally looks like a day in our life. Cutting down trees and splitting the wood for our stove. Wears my family right out.