Tuesday, November 4, 2008


For the month of October we have been dog sitting my parents dog while they vacationed on the East Coast with one of my sisters. Peaches is a sweet but shy doggie. It took her a while to warm up to this busy, noisy household. She is used to a very quiet and calm home. But in the end she turned into her tailwagging self and seemed happy here. She became particularly attached to me - and I to her. She slept at the end of our bed and I learned that dogs can snore!! Really loudly, too - so my hubby had some competition:0). Well, last night her real Mommy and Daddy came home and off she went without a backward glance in my direction. Not even a tail waggin' dog kiss to say goodbye!! I will miss you - puppy - I enjoyed taking care of you!

And since my folks plane was late and the doggie left our house at 1:00am and Esther had a snuffy nose that kept her squirmy until 4:00am I will be enjoying a nap today without any snoring pups in our room!!!

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Simply Stork said...

It was so nice to see a face to match the stories of that lovely doggie...

so cute :o)