Thursday, November 6, 2008

Something Pretty

I thought I'd share one of my collections. I really love Depression Glass. The colors make me happy to look at and I enjoy the stories behind these old pieces. Some of my glass is on a shelf in my kitchen and some is in my cupboards. The glass I have put away has been promised that it will come out frequently to be used. I don't like hiding pretty things behind cupboard doors. I don't collect Depression Glass for the value - although I have heard that some people will collection tremendous amounts just to drive the value up!! I collect old things because I love the stories behind them.

Depression Glass was given away by different companies as an incentive to buy their products during the 30's and 40's - much like toys in cereal boxes today. Some companies gave away coupons or points toward sending for glassware.

One of my cherished pieces is a pink cake plate that my Grandmother gave me - she had saved up 25 cents and bought it for her mother as a birthday gift when she was a little girl. My grandmother wasn't sure I would like it because the handle was chipped - silly grandma - I love it!!! It's the story. Picturing a little girl deciding which plate her mama would like and handing over her carefully saved dimes and nickles and toting that gift home is a sweet, sweet story!!!

Quite a bit of my glass lives up here on this shelf in my kitchen
My hubby gave me this pitcher some years ago for my birthday
I think this glassware must have been popular for two reasons. One reason of course, was that it was affordable, but the bigger reason I think, was the cheerful colors and many pretty designs. During such hard times I suspect women really had a need for simple and inexpensive ways to add beauty to their lives.
When I and discouraged or blah for some reason, looking at this pretty glass reminds me that I am not the only one to go through tough times (and maybe they aren't so really tough!!).
May you find color and beauty in this day that God has blessed us with!!!


Simply Stork said...

oh how I love this you know I have a thing for green anyway...but I think it is the "story" behind these old pieces that make them truly beautiful :o)


Theresa said...

My Mom collects Iris and Herringbone, a particular pattern of Depression glass. She doesn't collect because of the value either, but because she had a set of water goblets that were her Grandmothers. We used one of them for the communion we had at our wedding. Yours look pretty lined up on the shelf.