Thursday, November 13, 2008


Sweet baby has been getting the reputation of being the most fussy baby we have had. But as the pictures below prove - she is not always cranky. I am beginning to wonder if maybe she is the same as all the other kids were and it is my attitude that's different. Maybe my expectations are different. Maybe I am being prideful in wanting things in my home a certain way and not patient with tiny baby's needs. I don't feel particularly impatient with her - just stressed about all the things that need to be done. I hate the idea that I may have labeled her as a fussy baby just cause I don't have a good attitude right now. I have prayed that God will show me where I need to change. I do not want to waste this precious time with my children being stressed and overwhelmed. I don't want to put the things in my house over the people that live there - if Esther needs me to snuggle her I don't want to be frustrated about dusty furniture. I'm rambling now - I guess I am really wanting to have the attitude that God wants me to have. So I am praying He will give me the grace to be the mother of all these beautiful children He has blessed us with!!!


Simply Stork said...

What a good mama you are :o)

I think she is coming out of her fussy stage :o)

she is so cute :o) I am glad to know you both!


Cinnamon said...

Baby Esther is adorable~ Your baby and my baby seem to have a lot in common. Mine was a fussy little guy. But I think we've got it mostly worked out. Now he's just wiggles all the time :-) They are adorable. I laughed at the dust on furniture part, you should see my living room. Constantly dusty! And my piano which is right next to the stairs, for-e-v-e-r dusty!! There is a lot to be done with a crew our size isn't there? Each baby gives us new insight to God and His mercies. God has given you a tender heart and that above all is best :-)

Oh and my son is in Washington State. His base is Naval Kitsap-Base Bangor in Silverdale, WA. Hope that makes sense :-/ I wish he could meet your dear family. He would surely be right at home as the oldest of 9 children :-) hee hee.


Amy said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm glad I could be an encouragement to you. Yes, fussy days pass as quickly as baby grows up (way too fast), but they still seem BIG when you are in the midst of them. And you're on the right track - kind of. It's probably not your attitude that is causing the fussiness, but it will definitely affect her if your attitude changes. I've had three high-need babies (out of my 11) and God has used each one of them to work on my attitude. If it didn't help the baby, it sure helped the mommy! :)
Just keep taking those baby steps, one day at a time, little by little.

Ross' Cottage said...

These pictures of Esther are very cute! Your momma's heart knows what this special baby needs...Dust always comes and also can always be cleaned up...but are children come and grow so quickly!
Esther is lucky to have you as her momma!

Maren said...

Try not to worry. Some babies are just fussy, but they grow and change a little everyday, and we just try to keep up and be the best mom we can!:)

Cinnamon said...

Hi again~ Thanks for the apple ideas :-) I do dehydrate apples. In fact I have some in there right now. Since my apples are really ripe the apples come out sooo sweet and yummy! I've not tried roll ups. I will though as I'm sure they make a nice snack.

I was going to let you know you are welcome to email me anytime. My email is on my blog~

Have a beautiful rest of the wknd~


Theresa said...

I don't have as many children as you, but did work in pediatrics for ten years before becoming as Mom and as one of your other commenters posted, some babies are just fussy. On the other hand, sometimes the Lord does speak to me about my attitude towards the children or one of them, that sometimes I am more irritated by my schedule being offset when I need to slow down and see what the child actually wants. Sometimes it's just a love from me! Not saying that is so in y our case, but what you said, struck a chord with me!