Monday, November 24, 2008


The Monday before Thanksgiving. Lots to do - but also a wonderful time for reflection. A time rich in tradition and history. So I'm getting organized so I can enjoy every moment.

FOR TODAY...Monday, November 24, 2008

Outside my window..A hazy, chilly sky

I am thinking...about our drive to my parents home for Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for... our turn to visit Mom and Dad for this holiday - it's been about four years - I'm so very excited

From the learning rooms...this week a mini Thanksgiving unit. It will be a Thank you paper, some history - a couple of crafts, reading President Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation

From the kitchen...Preparing dinner rolls, veggie tray and other treats for the Feast

I am wearing...Denim skirt, soft brown long sleeve shirt, tank top and clogs

I am creating...working on the embroidery part of my Christmas gifts

I am the library for more reading books for the long drive to Grandma's house and to the grocery store and to the gas station to vacuum out the van

I am reading...By the Shores of Silver Lake and John Adams.

I am hoping...Esther sleeps in the car to Grandma and Papa's house - its about four hours - we're leaving in the middle of the night to hopefully avoid the crying

I am watching a movie - someone getting in the fridge looking for a snack

Around the house...Tidying up, packing for our trip

One of my favorite things...Thanksgiving Day!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week...Packing and leaving for our trip, sitting down and really visiting with Mom!!! I can't wait!! Help prepare the Thanksgiving dinner.

Here is picture thought I am sharing... such great fun!!

To see other fun Daybook pages go to . There will be lots of other ideas to make Thanksgiving special!!


Cinnamon said...

Isn't thanksgiving fun~ We just love preparing for it and all the lovely smells that come from the kitchen~ yummy~

Granton was trying to roll over today but he was stuck somewhere between here and there and sort of lingered in between. So the kids started cheering for him "Go Granton, go, go, go, go! " It was too funny. He did eventually roll over and we all clapped :-)

Another sweet moment~ It's been fun to see Esther and Granton grow~


Theresa said...

4 hours is a SHORT ride to Grandma and Grandpa's! :o) We have about 16 hours and Thanksgiving is the time I get the most homesick for my family!

Homespun Simplicity said...

Yes, I LOVE Father Tim! I've read all of the Mitford books atleast twice, and am looking forward to starting them again. I like the "hometown" feeling it gives, and wish it were a real place! I'd move there in a snap! :-)
Happy Thanksgiving!