Sunday, November 2, 2008


It's Monday. I saw this on another blog and thought it was a neat way to start the week. If you want to visit her here's the address: The truth is is that I very much want to be a simple woman. I find myself much to distracted some days to be of much use to my family let alone God. My prayer for today is that I will simply bring glory to Him in whatever I do.

FOR TODAY November 3, 2008...

Outside My Window... a beautiful red and orange maple tree

I am thinking... about our missionary family that I committed to pray for

I am thankful for...a restful Sunday - nap with baby, a good time with hubby

I am hoping...that my husband has a good day at work!!

From the learning rooms...I'd like to finish our Lewis and Clark unit this week

From the kitchen... I haven't finished planning our menus for the week yet - I think chicken soup and homemade bread, as the weather is stormy

I am wearing...denim skirt and comfy top with slippers

I am creating... crocheting Christmas gifts

I am try and exercise every morning this week

I am reading...Little Town on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder (for about the 125th time:0)

I am hearing...rain drops on the trees outside the window

Around the house... tidy up from a messy, over sugared weekend :0)

One of my favorite things... stormy days

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...get caught up on the laundry (folding), get control of the dust (it's kinda bad!!), go grocery shopping

Here is picture thought I am sharing... The view from my backyard Mondays are great because it is a good time to start fresh. Begin new habits, start new things. I know most people don't like Mondays but I really do. It's good to come from a restful day into a brand new week!! Have a great Monday!!


Elizabeth said...

I love your picture. What kind of gifts are you making for Christmas? I'm painfully trying to figure out this whole crocheting thing but no such luck yet!

Simply Stork said...

Hello friend :o)

I am on a little break...a very short one :o) But I wanted to come and see how your weekend went. I love this post today. I use this when I am trying to write in my journal in the evening...I'm having fun reading your answers to the prompting...I hope your having a great day today :o)


Thru Pink Curtains said...

oh you have some big trees too. my back yard is a mess with fallen trees though , i have to get an excavator in but it is money. the colors of fall have pretty much gone here and ready for another season of beauty.

Heather said...

Mondays are my favorite day as well.

I love that "fresh start" feeling of beginning a new week.

Lovely post.

Ross' Cottage said...

I so understand this need to be more simple and to simplify our lives around us. We get so busy moving and doing and being that we just simply forget to sit in the Lord's presence and learn from Him His desires for us. Sometimes it seems as if we equate a certain level of busyness and things around us as success. Instead of our success being His plan. I love the view out your window. It is a peaceful view.