Monday, November 10, 2008


Monday again...Time to start my week with a plan and purpose. If I don't I will end up flitting around like a butterfly with ADD!!:0) Check out thesimplewoman for some wonderful inspiration.

I am thankful for...the precious hour alone to converse with my husband this weekend. My sweetie asked me to go for a walk with him. When we arrived at the walking trail instead of getting out of the car my hubby produced some treats and we sat int the car holding hands and talking.

Outside my window...the sun breaking through the clouds... Yeah sun!!! We don't see much of it this time of year so I cherish every moment (I do love the rain also)

I am thinking...about the great sermon yesterday and how I can apply it to my life - Today!!

I am's cold gets no worse. She's cheerful but very congested. We both need more sleep - she was awake most of the night - again very cheerful - just her stuffy, congested nose keeping her awake.

From the learning rooms...We didn't quite finish our Lewis and Clark and river units last week so we will be doing that this week.

From the kitchen...Yummy pork chops and gravy in the crockpot. Fourteen year old son is making chocolate chip cookies - there goes my diet :0)

I am wearing...denim skirt and peach colored t-shirt and slippers (my uniform!!)

I am creating...crocheting Christmas gifts - I am using the softest, nubby, violet flecked cotton. I love this yarn!!

I am exercise everyday this week again. I did it everyday last week Yahoo!!

I am reading...John Adams by David McCullough - good book so far

I am hearing...the kids playing a pretend vet game together (all their stuffed animals are out all over the kitchen table). Big boys talking while working in the kitchen... gotta hurry is starting to fuss.

Around the house...Got to tidy my bedroom, and of course maintain a respectable level of laundry - I've come to terms with the fact that until baby gets a little bigger there will always be a pile to fold.

One of my favorite things...hearing and watching my kids use their imagination.

A few plans for the rest of the week...must make a trip the the library before they think we are keeping their books forever!! Hubby has a church leadership meeting this week - dinners need to be early most of the week.

Here is a picture I am sharing: from our trip to the aquarium this weekend (I'll share more pictures tomorrow)


Nicole said...

I bet those chocolate chips cookies were very good. Are there any left?

Simply Stork said...

they did look good...:o)