Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Poor Esther has an ear infection :0(. I am experienced in the realm of ear infections but three months is too young for this!! Even the pediatrician said he was not happy at how young she is. It was a pretty nasty cold - but still!!! My midwife has suggested seeing a chiropractor that specializes in infant care - several others have recommended this as well. I guess moving things around can help the ears drain? If it doesn't hurt Esther and could work I think it's worth a shot. I am also looking into "probiotics." I don't know a ton about this so I am open to suggestions.

Antibiotics and ear drops for poor baby
She's doing good considering her owie ear!


Cinnamon said...

Poor baby Esther! Have you tried Garlic Oil in her ear? That's our standard for ear infections, although we don't get them that often. Of course she's already on antibiotics so it's probably too late for garlic oil.

She's sooo adorable, sick or not:-)


Simply Stork said...

I agree with Cinnamon...we had horrible reactions to antibiotics so it was always the first thing I tried when I thought they might be getting an ear infection. But it probably is too late now...note to self for next time :o)

poor Esther...I'll be praying for her quick recovery :o)


Theresa said...

Oh poor Esther! No fair. Do you use yogurt, kefir and the such? If you are nursing this should help I would think although I'm not sure how/if it passes through breast milk. I'm all for natural but sometimes with ears you really do need antibiotics. I think you will know when that is. I hope she feels better soon.