Wednesday, November 5, 2008

3 Months

Three months old today - Happy birthday pretty girl!!

What a busy, crazy, chaotic but fun, joyous and wonderful three months it has been since Esther joined our family!!!
On another note: I am not fond of change. I am a worry wart (a shock to my friends!!). Yet I also know that keeping things the same all the time is also not healthy. That is why the forefathers of our nation set our government up the way it did. Our country voted yesterday and now we will be facing a big change. I feel the need to pray, so pray I will!! Prayer can help take fear and worry away!! Praise God - He is in charge!!! We can all rest on that. He is bigger than any thing or person on this earth after all He created the whole thing!!!


Simply Stork said...

happy monthly b-day little "E"


ps...I don't like change either...but there is always hope :o) who knows what the Lord will end up doing :o) can't wait to see.

Cinnamon said...

Beautiful at just 3 months new :-)
My little guy is almost 4 months. How they grow in just that short time.I can't even call him a baby anymore, he's sooo huge~ Now on to crawling :-)


Cinnamon said...

You mentioned your new little one is still fussy. I have been amazed at the change in my new ones sleepig patterns since I quit taking the digestive enzymes and started eating tons more RAW foods. I'm about 50% raw now and I feel TONS better and my litlte guy goes down much easier, isn't so cranky. I find he has spells of fussiness when I slip and eat something that doesn't agree with me (dairy or some cooked foods).

Well it's getting cold here today and the kids are out cleaning up their spring mess :-) (forts under our back patio). We're expecting snow soon so I thought we'd better get their toys out before they get buried :-)
Have a lovely day~ Cinnamon