Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Walk in the Park

On Saturday while running errands with our smaller ones we made a visit to the local nature park (we call it the turtle park). It was a beautiful sunny autumn day with a little bite to the air. We had such a good time checking out all the little docks that hang out into the lake. As it was an impromptu visit I didn't have my camera. My hubby however, had his cell phone (his weekend on call for his job at the hospital) so I was able to take pictures anyway. They are a little fuzzy but I'm glad I was able to capture the fun.

Look carefully and you can see why we call this the turtle park Can you see it? The turtle is at the end of the log sticking into the water. There we also two tiny ones there as well - just didn't show up in the picture. They were very cute though!!
Counting turtle - they counted about 15 sitting on logs sticking out of the water
Walking on the boardwalk
Sunshine - enjoy it while we can

We love these unplanned visits to places like this. It makes life fun. We had such a good time. Even though this park has no "toys" they all climbed all over some awesome, big weeping willows, ran up and down the boardwalks, picked up leaves and looked at God's creation. Hubby and I even got to walk together for a while (until he got paged that is!) And through it all baby snoozed happily in the sling - so everyone was contented with this outing :0)


Simply Stork said...

oh my word! as you know I used to live in an apartment in your area...and we used to visit a park that looked alot like that one...could it be the same???? hmmmmm. I am so glad your hubby had the cell phone along to take pics :o)

well even if it wasn't the same place...It was sure nice remembering about it **SIGH**

looks like you all had a wonderful time together...


Ross' Cottage said...

I am wondering where this park is? You will have to tell me. Places to go for walks with the family are valuable finds! Looks like a lot of fun had by your family! The weather was so nice, this weekend, for us all!