Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ripples vs. Splashes

In our family it seems babies enter in one of two ways - with barely a ripple - adjusting to the world with apparent ease. Or with a splash - making themselves known with vigor and lots of noise. Number eight has been with us for just over two months and she falls into the splash catagory. A GIANT splash!! She is adorable of course but she is testing all my Mommy skills. Whether her poor gassy tummy is bothering her or she is tired or just generally fussy we are all getting used to the sound of a crying baby. I don't like not being able to meet the need that she is crying about - I hate not being able to fix it. God is giving me lots of grace to deal though - as I am one who will leave a store rather than listen to a crying newborn. With all the walking and pacing I do with her I have to wonder why I am not 20 pounds lighter with arms that have no jiggle!! :0) (as I am writing this big sister is holding her and she is cooing and smiling up a storm - making a liar out of me!!)

Quick - snap this picture!! So cute!!
Awww - what's wrong?
We all love her


Simply Stork said...

ahhhhwwwww but she is so cute...I would never know about all the trouble your having...she spends the entire time at the home school center sleeping away :o)

ok just kidding...poor friend...well I can tell you that I am finally on the other side with little Max...he was my fussy! But he is such a good little boy now :o) He is one funny duck hu? I can't wait to see how little Ester will be as a little toddler :o)


Maren said...

Almost all my babies howled a TON! I'm not sure why I had 7...:) Good luck! Everday they grow a little more and cry a little less. That is, until they are teenagers...

momoflots said...

Hi Maren,
It's true - I do know that two weeks is a long time for a tiny one and so everything will look different in a couple of weeks. I am glad she is number 8 because I am far more relaxed than i would have been if she was number 1 or 2. And you are right about the teens!! I have three right now and they cetainly know how to make a splash!!

Ross' Cottage said...

Hi there,
Some babies sure take time to make an adjustment in this world! You're doing well! It is such a hard momma time. Of course she makes you a liar when she sweetly sleeps away at the center! Sleeping babies sure make us ladies crave having more...of course crying ones make for good birth control! Hopefull I will get some baby cuddle time at the center tomorrow! Thinking of you and praying for you also!

Cinnamon said...

Very cute little sweetie~ My newest one was a bit more of a crier too. I came to find out that the digestive enzymes I was taking were bothering him. And food allergies :-( When I watch my food and I quit taking the enzymes, he calmed right down, went to sleep better and was sooo much less fussy~
What a joy a newborn can be :-)

Enjoying your blog~

Simply Stork said...

Love the new layout :o) How fun :o)

hope your having a nice day today...

~simply~'d think I could spell Esther right??? sorry about that :o) not known for my spelling skills (lol)