Friday, October 3, 2008


It is Friday and I am so very glad!! This has been a crazy, crazy week around our home. My friend Simplystork did a Day in Pictures today so I thought I would do a week in pictures and you will know why my week has been nuts (as well as why nothing new has been written all week!!)

Computer went off to the computer hospital for the week - it had a terrible virus :0(.
Doggie went off to the doggie hospital - she has a terrible abscess :0(.
This huge box of kleenex and ibuprophen had my name on it - the hospital may have been a more peaceful place for me (just kidding - I don't even go to the hospital to have a baby!!)

While it has been nutty week there has been much to be thankful for - computer came home today and we didn't loose the pictures or our budget as we feared (or our older guys itunes stuff - which was huge to them). Doggie is going to be fine and the kids are overjoyed (even though she has a drain sticking out of her head - gross beyond words!!!) My cold is much better and Baby doesn't seem to be catching it (I love nursing!!) We had just set up a Rainy Day fund (although we didn't plan on using it so quickly) but our credit card was left just where we want it to stay - hidden!!!
A quick preview of our weekend:

Saturday: repair the damage from this week:
Sunday: Esther is going to be baptized - what an amazing privilege to stand and commit our little girl to God!! It truly makes this week seem not so bad - after all God was here this week. He was with us when we committed each of our children to Him and He knew there would be rough times as well as good times while we raise these little ones he put in our life. I can't wait until Sunday!!!


Simply Stork said...

I am so happy to hear about your computer :o) Yay!!! That is good news :o)

I was thrilled to see your message this morning and just had to pop over and see how things turned out...

Many blessings to your precious little E on her baptism day :o) what wonderful parents she has...I will pray she has a peace filled morning and that everything goes smoothly :o) I believe the Lord will have his hand on this one and her blessed day :o)

I am so happy to have so much visiting time with you this year too :o)



Ross' Cottage said...

You made it through! Poor doggy..I hope she is doing ok now! I wish I had an answer to laundry piles! I know how to build one but not how to keep one from being built! They really are a sign of a blessing (cup half full) they show a life full of life! Worth it I say! Glad your computer is back! See you on Thursday!