Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Nightstand

It seems that I'm a terrible copycat. Once again I am copying my friend Simplystork and her blog. This time it is not my fault - it's hers!! She asked to see what was on our bedside table and since she was brave enough to share what was on her it thought I'd join her.

So here goes: My nightstand is very old - not antique old - just battered old. I've had it since I was a little girl. The handle has fallen off the drawer and there is a sticker on the front that my daughter thought I might like and for the life of me I can't get it off - it's been there for about 9 years. The nice thing is that it is very familiar to me - I know just how far to reach to get what I want since this table has been next to me at night longer than my hubby has!!:0)

My reading light was given to me by my mother-in-law. I think it was her mother's. I really love it and I use it all the time as I can't sleep without reading for a while.
My Bible and my reading book and all my recent sermon notes. I like to reread what our pastor spoke on throughout the week. My current reading book is The Quilter's Apprentice. Very good so far. I also have a small pile of jewelry that I take off at night and forget to put away and of course that ugly green binkie!

For decoration I bundled two antique Bibles and a Hymnal and put an old oil lamp next to them. I also keep a bottle of lavender oil on my nightstand. I put a drop or two on my reading lamp's light bulb right before I turn it on. As the bulb warms up it fills my room with a lovely scent. I keep my lotions next to my bed to remind me to use them before I sleep (gotta do something about those wrinkles around my eyes and those rough heels!!) There also seems to be an unfortunate amount of dust on my nightstand - someday I'll get to that ;0).
So there you are - for all my many readers that were dying to know what I keep on my nightstand :0)!! I have to say that I feel that it is good practice to keep a Bible close to where you awake and fall asleep. His words are good to have ringing in my ears as I drift off and the first to have in my head when I wake up (although it is often "Mommy what's for breakfast?" at 6:00 am).


Ross' Cottage said...

Hi there,
Your night lamp is so pretty! And the green binky is pretty because it provides comfort to baby Ester. I like your idea of tying together the hymnal and the bibles. It makes a welcoming effect to your night stand. See you on Thursday!

Simply Stork said...

ohhh I was hoping someone would include pics :o) thank you!

I used to beat myself up with the thought that I couldn't keep my nightstand cleared off...but you know what...everyone else has the same problem...I realized that the night stand is just that...a place to uload,store and place things at the end of the day :o)


(I too love the lamps :o)

dayz in and dayz out... said...

Wonderful nightstand! I love your lamp! Both of them....
Can I rock you baby again tomorrow? I will be gentle :-)

MoziEsmé said...

I love the mix of practical and decorative! I'm afraid mine is all practical and "too lazy to put stuff back where it belongs."