Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sharing Gifts

This day hasn't started too well - I my hubby left really, really early for work and I got woken up really early by his alarm clock (I think I broke it trying to turn it off before it woke baby - it didn't work.) I picked up baby only to discover she had blown through all her clothes - in MY bed - Yuck!! I wandered out to the kitchen to discover that teenage son left the kitchen garbage out overnight and doggie had a midnight feast (garbage now not in can - all over the floor - she's a messy snacker) And I discovered we are out of milk - AHHHH. Today is the day that I officially change the second digit in my age from a 1 to a 2. I'm not going to say what decade that number two would be next to - but I will say that I'm no longer told that I look too young to be a mom!!

Oh well, I've now complained enough. Since it is a birthday I'm going to share about a friend who has willingly shared a gift with me. She has a great gift of finding wonderful things at thrift stores. I love to shop at second hand stores but I really don't have any time to dedicate too it. So... when I realized my non-maternity clothes are in pretty bad shape I gave my friend my sizes and off she went. So far she has found about 5 darling tops and a comfy skirt and

this great basket (I just love it!!)
and these darling shoes (aren't they cute?)
Thank you friend for sharing your wonderful gift with me!! You were so excited to shop for me - I am touched at how willing you are. God has given us all gifts to use for ourselves, our families and others. I hope I am as willing and excited as my friend to share the gifts God has given me (another prayer to pray!!)


dayz in and dayz out... said...

I have more for you and can't wait for tomorrow!
Love ya

Ross' Cottage said...

Happy Birthday to you! I am sorry how your day started out. Some days can feel like one thing after another! Yet we make do we do that? The Lord gives us just enough to make it! Somedays more but never less!
I love your new basket oh yeah and those shoes (if only they were my size)! 2nd hand stores are great..Although you never know when you will buy something a friend has donated...just kidding! It is funny to me that that can happen and did for us two! Hopefully I can give Ester a cuddle tomorrow and you can rest for a quick moment. (I may take my oldest for a quick test drive of a used car at lunch but maybe after?)See you on Thursday.....Rossee