Monday, October 6, 2008

Blessed Day

Yesterday was our littlest's two month birthday. She was also baptized yesterday. What a blessed day it was. It is hard to describe the feelings as we stand at the alter with our babe in my arms committing to raise our little one with God at the center of our lives. Our pastor loves to do baptisms and it really shows - he just loves the little ones of his congregation.

My Mom made this beautiful dress for all the grandbabies to wear for this special event - it would not show up for the camera - the lace was handmade by my sister - it is really very beautiful!! There is so much tiny detail in this gown - making it was an act of love!!
While it was a truly blessed event - Esther really did not appreciate it - she cried through the whole thing :0)!!
At the alter
What a lovely Sunday it was!
P.S. Esther now weighs 10lbs 7 ozs. (she had her 2 month checkup today)


Simply Stork said...

oh that dress is beautiful...I'm gonna need to have a look at that one close up :o) (hint hint)

we also had a baby dedication at our church this weekend and I thought of you...when the family was called up to gather around the couple and the new little one I saw the grandmother only got one shot in before she set her camera down and headed for the stage...I noticed that the camera was alot like I grabbed it and took a few shots for her...she was so happy...she thought she had missed and opportunity for pics for the baby book...I am so glad to see someone took a photo for you too :o)

what a blessed day it was.

you will have a story to tell on thursday...I can't wait to hear all about it :o)


Maren said...

Congratulations!:) A baby is such a wonderful way to feel close to God.

Ross' Cottage said...

I would love to see this dress also! How special it must be. How special this day must have been. Esther has a wonderful start with 2 parents who love and want her and a Lord who will lead them. Also not to forget a wonderful set of siblings to grow up with!