Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Autumn Fun

Sunday was a gorgeous, sunny Fall day that enticed away from all those duties that constantly call us. Off to the country we went seeking some fun. And fun found us:

The country roads beckon us
Autumn colors
We saw lots of cows, horses, sheep and a pig or two.

We came home with a few boxes of apples - applesauce to come.

A modern hayride
Down in the pumpkin patch
Home again - having more fun

Having WAY too much fun!!
The grand finally - gingerbread and cider.
What a fun day. I am so glad we have the Sabbath to rest and relax and enjoy God's creation. It makes us make time for family and rest. The temptation is always there to tend to the ever-growing laundry pile and other pressing chores. But when my hubby and I resist and commit to setting aside Sunday (after worship, of course) for family it seems so much better. Sometimes, when Monday rolls around and there are undone things because we didn't work on Sunday, I begin to feels stressed but then I know that that time spent just playing with the kids is eternal time - time that is never wasted!! Thank you God for setting aside Sundays!!!


Cinnamon said...

Your day in the country looks so fun! I love the picture of your gang. And the pumpkins, we love to carve pumpkins and bake the seeds. Beautiful Autumn Fun~


Simply Stork said...

your right!!!...family time is never waisted! Laundry can always be done tomorrow right :o)

good job getting out there and enjoying the beautiful weather!


Ross' Cottage said...

Years ago I was holding my first born baby and an older lady at church, who I really love and respect to this day!, told me that the housework is will always be there to be done and for me to hold the baby and enjoy it. No matter what you get done in the house there still is more to be done...may as well enjoy the baby and times with the kids! She had at least 5 children herself so I knew she knew waht she was talking about. Loved the scenery you all enjoyed on Sunday. It was such a beautiful day! I love gingerbread and whip topping. Espeacially with hot cider...yum!
the kids look like they are having fun gutting those pumpkins! what a fun memory each year!

Ross' Cottage said...

ps. I did get my ultrasound results today. I got the ones the doctor who read the tests made not my doctors interpreted version. They are hard to read...except one word...abnormal....that one I can understand. I have looked up all the words they used in an online medical dictionary. I am not sure what it all means just yet and will call and see if my doctor can shed some light on it on Wednesday. Till then I had best not try to borrow trouble and stay resting in the Lord's plan.