Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Touch of Spring

I know other parts of our country are still in the throes of winter but here in Washington State we are experiencing a touch of Spring. I have heard that Winter will be returning soon so we decided to take advantage of our mild weather and plant a couple of bare root apple trees:
Our helper:
Baby tree:
Yummy Gala apples coming soon:
And the pretty little Fuji:
Oh, I am looking forward to the yummy fruit we will be harvesting someday!! Planting a tree is really looking ahead isn't it? Planning for a delicious future!! I am hoping to plant a plum and a pear tree this Spring also. Taking advantage of our Springlike moment is really pretty fun!


BECKY said...

I left a comment on the previous post and almost forgot to leave one here!!

I know you are excited about your future yields!!

We really want to plant a couple of citrus trees! The neighbors have all kind of trees in their back yard! I want a Loquat, Valencia orange, and lime tree!! Maybe one day!! We still have other stuff to tend to back there first!!

Oh we do have a small fig tree that does bear fruit!! Hubby LOVES fresh figs!!

Love ya,

Cinnamon said...

Every time you post about your garden/working in your yard I get jealous :-) Not that I mind out piles of snow sitting along our walkways and all over our yard but your green grass looks so nice :-)