Monday, February 22, 2010

A New Week

For Today...February 22, 2010

Outside My Window...A bright sunny morning - what a mild February we've had!!! I have heard that the rains are returning this week though. I better enjoy it today!!

I Am Thankful For...Major chores that were bothering me are now out of the way - feels good to have those off my plate!!!

I am Remembering...The very cold and snowy winter we had last year - when the icicles were as long as my arm hanging off my roof!!!

I am Creating...a new throw for my living room. My old ones are getting tattered with heavy use. Time for something different!!

I am Reading...A Louis L'Amor western that I got from the thrift store for a few cents. I love old westerns - fun reading!! And of course my Bible - I am rereading Matthew.

I am Hoping...We hear good news of a new opportunity this week from my hubby's interview last week!!! He's thinks it went well but it's all up to God!!!

On My Mind...too many thing that I really shouldn't be worrying about!! I HATE anxiety but sometimes it just seems to come a make a home in my brain!!!

From the Learning Rooms...Getting back into it after a break. Getting restarted is sometimes challenging especially when the weather is so nice - but by tomorrow the rains will be back and the kiddos will not be staring out the window longingly :0)!!

I am kids seem to be far more cheerful with their siblings when they are sharing tidy rooms with more room to play!!!

I am Pondering...the words to the hymn I heard yesterday (the one I posted yesterday as well) I KNOW my Redeemer LIVES!!!! Praise His Name!!!!

From the Kitchen...Smoothies this morning and chicken wraps for lunch. I'm thinks Spaghetti for dinner.

Around the House...a huge tidy up and getting caught back up in the laundry - I got behind with all my other big projects last week.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week...Company for dinner tomorrow, regular school activities this week. Back to a regular running around :0)!!!

A Picture I am Sharing...Playing with our pretty rocks

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Have a blessed Monday!!!


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