Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dirty Toothbrushes and Other Stuff

So why is my toothbrush soaking in soap and boiling water? I wish I could say it is because I'm so together that I wash all toothbrushes after we've been sick (a good idea!) but really this toothbrush cleaning comes as a result of a busy little toddler dropping my toothbrush into the diaper pail - YUCK!!!!
It's things like that all day long, that may be the reason why the top of my fridge gets to looking like this:

Since it's mid-winter break around here for all the schools I decided to take some time and get those long needed tasks done - with help of course:

Better - don't you think? Now to keep those taller people in my home from putting stuff back up there!!!:

While I was in the kitchen I decided to empty my pantries and get them back in order:
With more help:
Tu-dum - back the way I like them:
By the way - do you see that jar of Smuckers Raspberry Jam at the bottom of my canning pantry? For the life of me, I can not figure out why my sweet husband bought that - we have a pantry full of raspberry jam made with berries hand picked by him!! Must have been a tiny senior moment - or he was really hungry!! This is the danger of having a second job at a grocery store in the evenings :0)!! Today it's my room and closet - if you don't hear from me send in a search party!!!



Amy said...

Gotta love the cleaning and reorganizing;) Helps to have the crew working with you.

Cinnamon said...

I love your pantry. Sooo clean and neat and handy! Is Esther still climbing to the top? I bet she has fun on your stairs.

Can't wait to see you all this spring~


BECKY said...

You crack me up gal!! Oh the adventures of motherhood!! LOL!!!

I am not starting to spring clean yet, but am seeing where I need to for sure!!

What I really WANT to do is to come shop your canning pantry!! Lord forgive me...I've got canning pantry envy!! :o)

Love ya and hope your weekend is grand!!