Saturday, February 20, 2010

No Search Party Needed

Nope, no need to send in a search party!! I got the job done - and I decided to take advantage of my cleaning frenzy and move on to the kids rooms!! Ahh - now there was an opportunity to get lost in a mess forever!!! But in spite of the very, very tempting warm and sunny weather outside, I stuck to it and got the job done. And not to pat myself on the back too much - I must say that I am proud of myself for persevering!!

Our room - all neat and tidy - my place of refuge!!:

The boys room - Every lego, k'nex, hotwheels, and toy soldier in their place. Every nerf dart and baseball has a home!!
Sleep tight my little men!!!
Every polly pocket, littlest pet shop, hair bow, bobby pin and piece of clothing all tucked away. Every dolly and her dresses and teddy bear snuggled in their beds!!

Sweet dreams my little ladies!!!
Oh this was a big, big job, but boy, do I feel good!!! I rearranged furniture to create more room. I made special places for the bigger kids stuff so that little fingers can not pry anymore. And put things in new containers so that everything has a home. I think the rooms will be so much easier for the kids to maintain and so much more fun to play and sleep in!!!
Now to go and sit in the sun with my crochet hook and a ball of yarn - I need a rest!!!


Cinnamon said...

I love your home and the colors in the rooms. Your bedroom has such a cozy feel to it. Like a little oasis :-)

Whatcha' makin' with your little ball of yarn?


BECKY said...

WOOHOO Christine!! Way to go! I love it when I finish a big project!! How exciting! Everything looks fantastic!!

Now you have Sunday to rest and worship! Just doesn't get any better, huh?

Love ya!

Susan said...

There's your beautiful bedroom colors again! Looks like an interior design magazine pic ;)

Doesn't it feel so good to get so much done?! I love it when I've accomplished a big project like that!

Cheryl said...

Good job, Christine! Though it's still very cold here in NY, I'm getting that Spring cleaning bug, too! I rearranged my bedroom and got rid of our broken bed, headboard and all, when my hubby was gone last week. Ahh, how nice it is to sleep in a "new" and spotless room! I loved seeing your house. Maybe I'll post pictures too of my oasis! :o)

The Mayo Family said...

Hello Momma of 8,
I am the other Momma of 8:)
Although I imagine there are more! HA! Our family enjoys your blog and we have been blessed. We meet yall through Mrs. Cinnamon's blog:)
Now, you have me inspired for a good "spring-cleaning" however, as I type the snow in Wisconsin falls and we are to have several inches by tomorrow eve:( I am ready for...spring!
I was looking around your blog and noticed you make the same knitted clothes that I do, my girls were yelling "Momma she knits your same ones"! Hum, how did you know! Ha! My silly question if you will on that..."how many rows do you knit before you decrease"?
Have a great wk-end...thanks for all the blessings!
Lori-Momma of 8