Thursday, February 11, 2010


This is how I spent my evening - until long after the kiddies were in bed - this is one way I show them I love them:

Hubs also likes it when I love my family this way:
Packed up to share with the kid's friends at co-op tomorrow:
And so the festivities begin!!!
Valentines - the holiday of love - may your weekend be filled with lots and lots!!!


Cinnamon said...

Those look yummy! I bought the a bunch of cookie dough this year. I was feeling so run down the other night that I let them bake them, frost them and eat them. All while I got to rest on the couch while Grace brought me frosted heart sugar cookies every so often. Ahhhh, the life :-)

Hey do we get the recipe? They look yummy buttery~


Kimberly said...

Dear Christine~
Please send some special prayers our way; Ashley is seriously ill!!!

BECKY said...

Christine, these look so sweet and I'm sure they're delish!!

You need to know that my heart just gets all warmed up when I visit your blog. God has definitely blessed me with a treasure in you. I hope we can meet one day while still here, but it will be wonderful in heaven, too!!

My Valentine's gift to my hubby was accompanying him to his last gun hunt of the season. It was nice to be away, and to be there for him. He is such a good man, and I am so blessed to have him!

On the way home he sang along with the Randy Travis song "I'm Going to Love You Forever and Ever, Amen" serenading me. When we got home he told me to always remember him singing those words to me, because they said exactly what he feels. How sweet is that??

Hope your day was full of love and joy! You make my day all the time!

Love and hugs,

睡衣 said...

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