Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Big City

Sometimes a person has to get out and have an adventure - to get out and go where they are not accustomed to go!! That for us is the city. We live near a very beautiful city but we don't go there often at all - we're country folk and when we go out we tend to go north to the country - not south to the city. But on this particular day last weekend hubs decided we needed to see something different - so off to the city we went (with much trepidation on my part - I am sincerely not a city girl!!)

And so we arrive - cars and building galore:
And off we go on our adventure:
Out of my comfort zone - but willing to see what we could see:
This is a gorgeous theater - very, very fancy on the inside - I see they are playing South Pacific - someday I would like to get all dressed up and see the Phantom of the Opera there - sounds very romantic!!! Don't you just love those old street lights?!!!
Looking in the windows - isn't that a beautiful gown!!!!
Not my style but very fancy none-the-less!!!
A Valentine display - The girls and I had fun looking in these windows for sure!!
But this charming model was far prettier than anything in the windows :0) !!!
A very interesting ride - we saw the man driving this creation and he wore an ancient Roman style helmet - covered with flowers - very strange. We saw lots of strange and interesting people that day!!!
In our earthquake prone city I was fascinated by this building:
A very beautiful square - a nice resting place if it was dry and sunny - which it wasn't - but the pigeons didn't seem to mind.

All in all it was a wonderful day - seeing what we could see in the big city. Adventures are good things every now and again!!!!!


Cinnamon said...

Oh I love your fun day!! So good to see a picture of you~ And I think you'd look lovely in that beautiful yellow dress :-)

Yes Esther is definitely the star of the show :-)


knittykneighbour said...

I simply love the peacock dress! What fun times!

BECKY said...

Hi Sweetie! Looks like you had a pretty good time. Too funny, I was raised in Miami, Kendall actually, back when there were still u-pick fields, and plenty of woods. When I graduated, I worked downtown and more or less thought I would always be a city girl. Well we moved to a small town in Florida when hubby got out of the Army and have been here ever since.
Where we live is considered the country by people in Orlando, and you couldn't pay me to live in Orlando or some of the crowded surrounding areas. It seems I get more countrified every year! LOL!
We live in a subdivision complete with cul-de-sacs and home owners association, but this gal's heart is definitely in the country!! If this market ever straightens out, hopefully God will move us a little further out!!

Christine, I would love to be able to email you. Are you ok with sharing your email address with me? If not, I completely understand. It's just that I really think of you as a friend, and would love to elaborate on some things rather than just leave a comment. My blog email is You can email me anytime. Its always a joy to hear from you!

And your youngest is by far more beautiful!! What a cutie!!

Have a joyful evening!!

Rebecca said...

Sounds like you and your beautiful family had quite the eventful day. I, like you, love to stay out of the city. My sister is coming for a visit (it's been 8 long years) in March and I have to drive to Seattle to pick her up. I am not looking forward to the trip.