Monday, January 4, 2010


Well, I'm back!! For several reasons - some that I can't really explain I took a blogging break. I have been so very busy!!! Holidays are so wonderful but also add so much more stuff to the to-do list. Something had to give - and computer time was it.

But I also seem to be experiencing some sort of writers block. I don't feel as if I have anything much to say - not that I'm doing this to say anything wise or great but I guess I haven't felt like putting anything in writing. Which for me has led to guilt as I look at my computer. Silly - I know - but true. For two reasons - one - the purpose of my blog was to keep track of my days - to preserve them in a way - for my children. A way of scrapbooking I suppose. And not doing that through the holidays is awful if I'm seeking to preserve memories :)!!! But I have also felt guilty because in this blogging quest I have made some wonderful friends and I feel as though I have failed to keep in touch through this season.

Today I finally carved out some time to sit here and begin again on this blogging journey. I will spend time this week catching up on my friends blogs and again putting blogging time into my daily plan. My home is not quite back to a regular routine - I still have house guests and we're beginning to get back into our school routine. Beginning again will be a good thing as we head into this new year!!!


BECKY said...

WOOHOO!!! MY BUDDY IS BACK!! Now don't go guiltin' yourself, gal...that's just stinkin thinkin!! Simply start again, and know that this nutty gal in FL is DELIGHTED to have you back in her days!!

We will start school again by Wednesday. Hubby was home all holiday and it was sooooo nice. I have been enjoying every second, and just took down Christmas decor yesterday. Still need to clean the fridge out, deal with the pantry, pay bills, and clean up the holiday stuff in my room. I really didn't want him to have to go back today! Pretty cool to be able to say after 30 years together!!

Sure love this precious face!! What a cutie!!

Well big hugs to you gal!! Been a bit out of my element the past few days with the temps!! It's going to be in the 20's here tonight! Now that is NUTS!!
Have a great week!!

Cinnamon said...

You are always missed. Hey want some company this spring? Might be that we would be that company :-)


Amy said...

Welcome back!

Kimberly said...

Glad to see you back, Alexandra had to look at old pictures of Esther...