Monday, January 25, 2010


For Today...January 25, 2010

Outside My Window...Overcast skies with little silvery, drippy drops hanging off my little maple tree.

I am Thankful Husband who keeps such a level head when dealing with hormone laden teenagers!!!

I am Remembering...last Spring - working in the garden with the air warming and the smell of the dirt - I am looking forward to Spring coming again!!

I am Creating...a scarf - for me this time. I'm teaching myself a new stitch so this is practice so that I can make one for my sister!

I am Reading...Seed catalogs!! And my Garden books. Spring is coming and I must get ready!!!

I am Hoping...these coughy little colds go away soon - they are just bad enough to make us feel kinda yucky but not bad enough to call off homeschool and just read :0)!!

On My Mind...Same as last time and probably will be on my mind for some time - the raising of teenagers and how to encourage them to a life of Godliness without sounding like a nagging mom :0)!!!

From the Learning Rooms...We are doing a study of the Underground Railroad - it must interest the kids because Abbie and Jacob were playing "Railroad" the other day - but it wasn't a choo choo train game it was about saving runaway slaves!!!

I am Noticing...that Esther is talking lots and lots more!

I am Pondering...the blessings of living here in the United States - we had some missionaries visit our church yesterday from Malawi, Africa and they shared the wonders of what happens to a village when a well is installed. We are so blessed to have fresh, clean water!!!

From the Kitchen...I'm not quite sure. I am making yogurt today and after school I will be making up my menu for the week.

Around the is kitchen day and I really need to get my pantry organized again - it's crazy how fast a pantry gets messed up - must have something to do with hungry, teenage boys always in it looking for food (of which they always say there is none - even right after a trip to Costco!!!)

One of my favorite things...sitting in front of the fire with a stack of seed catalogs on a rainy, winter Sunday afternoon with a mug of tea at my side . Sitting there turning down pages of seeds I'd like to try and daydreaming about the yummy veggies I'll be growing in a few months!

A few Plans for the Rest of the Week...Choir rehearsal on Thursday and Choir Concert on Friday. I must confess I never really like these events (isn't that awful!!!) They just seem to be stressful no matter how hard I plan ahead!!

A Picture to Share...Winter!

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Have a blessed Monday!!!


Cinnamon said...

I had to laugh at the teens continually going through the pantry. I tell my boys to make something. Some have learned how to cook that way. Today Gunnar made Homemade Garlic Rolls. Sooo yummy! It's nice to have help isn't it?

I bet Esther is talkig a lot cause Granton lets everyone know what he wants. But he's a boy and doesn't rattle like our girls all have. Such a sweet age :-)


dayz in and dayz out... said...

Ok, get this...
My friends are staying in the home of those missionaries in Malawi! Isn't it a small world?!

See ya on Friday


Kimberly said...

I am totally on board with the excitement over fresh water. We are seriously considering the option of drilling a well for emergency usage...the weeks of hauling water has been so difficult.

Turning on the taps and having clean water, is such a blessing, one we take for granted most of the time...

We are having an interesting week with an extremely emotional teenage girl, oh for peace, quiet and water...also doing emergency shopping today, as a major storm is due to hit us on Thurs.