Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Morning

For Today...January 11, 2010
Outside My Window...A very dark, breezy and rainy morning!! We accidentally slept in because it's so dark out - it will look like dusk all day today.

I am Thankful For...My church family!! We had our yearly congregational meeting this weekend and it was so neat to be able to discuss family business and not so fun things like budgets and cut-backs with good spirits, humor and joy!!!

I am Remembering...what it was like to have a household of much smaller children. In so many ways the job of mothering was harder - not being to go anywhere without taking them all with me, wrangling all the kids through the store if I needed to go etc. Some days the job now seems easier as I have babysitters so I can run an errand without taking the littles or grab a shower without too much disturbance - but teens provide a whole new challenge to my sanity!!!! So my days are still sometimes difficult but different than a few years ago!!

I am creating...a new hat for Esther. I finished my Christmas gifts and feel kinda footloose and fancy free without any deadlines for my crafting :0)!! I posted a picture of my Christmas gift for my parents at the end of this post.

I am coffee with my husband and our pastor this afternoon to talk about the youth ministries at our church - I am praying about this - we have some good ideas and also some concerns. I'm hoping this can be a good conversation with results that are pleasing to God!!!

I am reading...not much right now - kinda between books. Of course my Bible is an ever - ongoing reading!!!

I am hoping...the little virus we have going through our home stays little!!!

On my mind...the raising of teenagers and how to encourage them to a life of Godliness without sounding like a nagging mom :0)!!!

From the learning rooms...Oooo I am liking this year of science with the littles - we are studying marine biology - a super subject to do when you live so near all different kinds of water - Grandma and Papa so near the ocean - we live very near the Puget Sound and lakes and streams everywhere around us!!! (and with all the water falling out of the sky for the next few days we probably will have our own little lake in the front yard :0)!!!)

I am noticing...that I need to change the Christmas music off my blog - I just love it so - it's hard to send it away :0)

I am pondering...the words of my pastor from yesterday's service. They were so profound - but too long to put up here - maybe later this week I will share.

From the kitchen...beef stew and homemade bread for dinner. Yay!! I remembered to set a sponge for the bread last night so it will be more sourdough type which hubby loves!!!

Around the house...tidy up and concentrate on the kitchen today

One of my favorite things...feeding my kids and hubby homemade hearty dinners on a cold rainy night!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week...tomorrow I have a graduation meeting for my second born and I have the possibility of going to the opera later this week (yes the real opera!!! A friend has a free ticket - I just have a few arrangements to make to make it possible to go!!!)

A picture to share...this is the throw I made for my parents for Christmas - I really enjoyed making this and I think the colors turned out good (their house is blues and browns with cranberry accents):

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Have a blessed Monday!!!


sister said...

I am amazed all over again at how beautiful the throw is! Will be praying for your meeting this afternoon. Love you!

Cinnamon said...

Oh my you have been busy! I love the throw. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I love the Christmas music too :-)

Can't wait to see the hat for Esther. She can wear it as she's climbing around in the pantry :-0

Teens~ they do bring us to our knees in prayer for their souls don't they :-) They still love Mama's hugs though :-)

Great to hear what's going on in your home.