Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm trying this New Year to be a bit more balanced - a hard task for me I admit!! :0) We are incredibly blessed around here so it's not that I feel like huge changes need to be made. We are just busy, busy, busy and I think a better schedule will make things easier - at least for me - I like lists and schedules and stuff like that and I have gotten away from it (and have ended up feeling like I'm just running around like a chicken with no head :0) hahaha).

So here is my rough draft of my weekly schedule - I'm still working out my daily plans:

Monday: Kitchen day - the day to really hit my kitchen and make it nice for the week (the dishes and general pick is done everyday) wipe down canisters, cookie jars, coffee pots etc.
Laundry: Ruth and Abbie's clothes

Tuesday: Bathrooms - my favorite (not really) scrub down the bathrooms - tubs, sinks, floors and of course toilets
Laundry: Jacob and Sam's and diapers
Wednesday: Living room, Dining Room, Entry clean-up
Laundry: Hubby's and mine and the girl's Sunday School clothes
Thursday: Master bedroom clean-up (we have homeschool classes this day)
Laundry: Towels and Rugs, and Essie's clothes

Friday: Plan menus (homeschool classes also)

So that's it - roughly - for my week. When it's down on paper it looks so easy and manageable!! I better not let Hubby see this or he will think my job is easy!! :0) hahahaha Of course school everyday isn't written down and all the other crazy things that happen throughout my day - like monkey children climbing on everything and zipping kids in and out of jackets and peeling boots on and off many times a day!!:0)!!

So at least here is my attempt to get life a little more ordered and organized. Does anyone else do this - what are your plans?


BECKY said...

WOW!! I am impressed!! I haven't done it before but am finding the need to write out a schedule, so this was perfect for me!! I have a rough idea in my head but there definitely is something about putting it down on paper!!

I'll pray that you work that schedule really well!! Inch by inch it's a cinch!!

Thursday blessings gal!!

Amy said...

Great list!! I don't write a formal list but go over it in my head each day. My problem is letting go when the doesn't go as plan due "little" people circumstances if you know what mean;)

dayz in and dayz out... said...

I have a list too. It looks a bit like yours.
Clean my home.
detail: Master Bedroom/Bathroom

Child's room (change bedding, wash laundry(Training)a goood dusting ect.)
Detail: Bathrooms (3)

Wednesday: This is a school day for us too.
Child's room (same as above)
Detail: Foyer, Hallways (up and down)Family Room (end of day)

Detail kitchen (bigger job)

Friday: (school day)
spritz bathrooms, kitchen and such.
Any leftover laundry

The more I stick to a cleaning plan, the less time it takes me to clean. My goal is to be done (most days) by 10 or so. Then I can run errands and school etc.
I can get my home clean in 2 hours (Monday) and detail in about 45 or so. If I have skipped a task a few times in a row, then it may take more time overall.
That's how I do it.