Saturday, February 14, 2009


We are having our annual Candlelight Dinner complete with lovely flowers (Thank you sweet Husband) and romantic music.

Since getting alone is near impossible in a house filled to the top we share our romantic meal with all the kiddos. Everyone gets a simple I Love You gift from Mom and Dad and everyone who has been busily creating Valentines all week puts them on the plates.

Steak and lobster is something that just isn't appreciated by younger taste buds so we have a lovely romantic meal of pizza - Yum!! The meal is finished with decadent pink cupcakes - oh, the romance!!

All day my sweetie has been singing me sweet songs and telling me he loves me - he even left me a surprise note here on my blog for the first time (you will have to look in a previous post if you want to see it - he made me hunt for it) Then I received those glorious flowers in the mail!!! He is such a romantic!! I am going to read him a beautiful poem tonight - straight from the Bible - you can figure out which one!!

May you have a wonderful love filled day!


Cinnamon said...

What a beautiful day you had! Love all the pretty decorations on the table!


Kristin said...

Your table is beautiful!

We also have a special Valentine's Day dinner with our children.