Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Aftermath

We had a marvelous Valentine's feast of cheese and sausage and pineapple pizza and a fun time with the little I Love You gifts!!

But for some reason Jacob became convinced that it was his birthday and he turned four!! I don't quite know how this happened but it took a great deal of persuading to make him realize he's still three and his birthday is coming in the spring. It didn't help that the big guys caught wind of this and wished him Happy Birthday. Ha Ha So Funny - guys!!! This morning he told me he's still three (thankfully :0)!!!!
All hopped up on way too much Valentine's candy and excitement Abbie decided to run full tilt into the corner wall in the hallway!!! Ouchie!!!
A Spoonful of Chocolate Chip Mint ice cream was her reward for letting Daddy put a bag of frozen cranberries on it and letting me take a picture of her owie!! We were a little late for our church function due to this little head trauma. But after recovering everyone agreed that Valentine's was a fun day.

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Simply Stork said...

ouch!!!! poor abbie

and how funny about Jacob...max was singing "happy birthday" all day too...maybe he was singing it for Jacob??? lol