Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Project Kitchen - Day 1

Okay, so today was the beginning of Project Kitchen - the major cleaning and reorganization of my kitchen.
Getting started: Coffee, Notebook, and my beloved List:
A sweet smelling candle for encouragement:

Empty cupboard, purge the stuff I never use, scrub it down:Cutting new shelf paper:
Ta Dum - clean new cupboard!!
Messy drawer:
Clean drawer:
This week my goal is a big cleaning project. But it's really more than cleaning. It's really about loving my family. It's giving them not just a tidy house but a home. A home that's clutter free, fun to work and play in and a place of peace - not stress. I know that in a family of our size it's not always possible to be organized and uncluttered but a real purging now and then and a good deep clean is a very positive thing. Later this week I'm quite likely to get tired and overwhelmed as this job goes on - I need to remember that it's not about getting my kitchen clean and completing a job - it's about loving my family.


Cinnamon said...

Hey I think we have some of the same bowls :-) hee hee

I bought another utensil holder to put all my knives in because they kept staying messy. Now it's more of an organized mess :-)


Simply Stork said...

wonderful job...looks like you did some purging too...very good girl!

remember...you can be proud for each drawer in and of itself...if we only did one thing a day...ie...one junk drawer, one cupboard, one corner...by the end of a month you would have cleaned 30 things! You have already done two (maybe more) areas, your already on your way to a more organized home :o) If you do burn out, just do one thing a day and the ball you have started here will keep rolling.

I am very proud and impressed...We too are spending time this week purging and organizing...spring must be in the air :o)