Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Project Kitchen - Day 2

Today - Day 2 of my Kitchen Project:

Another cupboard purged, scrubbed and organized:
The junk drawer that had way more than it's share of stuff now is nearly empty:
The drawer that the junk overflowed into now is doing just it's job: A drawer now freed up to hold baking utensils
After all that work we took off to the park for a while - such a nice day I couldn't spent it all indoors!!

Esther experiences grass for the first time!!:
Some time on the toys and a rousing game of hopscotch:
A few laps around the track and more time on the toys:

I came home refreshed and ready to do some more work
So I'm getting there - it's going slower than I planned but it's okay. If I don't finish when I hoped I have plenty of weekends to do the last couple of things.


Cinnamon said...

Oh I love it! Everything looks so tidy~


Tereza said...

Well you certainly got alot done...unlike me today!

Simply Stork said...

you go girl :o)


BECKY said...

Hi!! I found you through Rafters and henderson. I really like your blog...the kitchen projects, meeting your kids (you're an amazing woman I admire already!), and that lovely Valentine table!!

I'm one of six children, and loved growing up in a larger family.

We have four ourselves and 4 more to meet in heaven (miscarriages) so I have eight kids, too!! We have all girls so maybe it's all boys in heaven?? It's fun to think about!!

I'd follow you, but I see you haven't added that feature yet. I'll be checking back regularly, though!

Hope you have a wonderful day!!
Joyful Blessings,