Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Morning

Saturday morning for us: early the kids arise and wake us. The local big hardware store invites kids to come and build something every Saturday morning. They get an apron, a pin to put on it and something cool to make - all for free - and we like free!! So while the big kids sleep a bit longer and little ones are off building with Daddy:
I get busy with breakfast - quadruple the recipe:
And make loads of these:
Mmmm time to dig in!!
10 minutes later and just a couple left for me :0)
Happy weekend!!

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Simply Stork said...

oh my word!...we used to do this with our "olders" when they were "younger." We made so many neat things...oh what fun we had...I can't wait until Max is old enough to have some "hammer" fun too :o)

~simply~ looks like "home made" pancakes are "in the air" around here too :o)