Monday, January 24, 2011

Pride Goeth Before a Fall

Yesterday at church a friend commented on how smart my children are.  I modestly thanked her - but- inside I was as proud as can be!!

Fast forward to today...

I spent the day...

shining a flashlight up my five year old's nose looking for a toy he stuffed up there...

patting my seven year old on the back because she tried to drink a glass of water upside down and nearly drowned...

telling a group of older teens to stop far..ahem...passing gas in my kitchen while I was preparing dinner  (gotta love teenage boys!!)

having my children look at me blankly when I said it was time for school...or time to pick up...or anything else that didn't involve Mario bouncing around on a screen.


Pride goeth before a fall - not sure if that phrase is exactly Biblical - but I know Proverbs covers it quite well!!!

P.S. Don't tell the kids but I'm hiding the Wii controllers for a while - I've had just about all the Mario music I can handle!!

P.S.S.  I still am crazy about all of them - and wouldn't trade this job for the world  :0)!!!

Where I would have sent the kids to spend a lot of time today - if it wasn't pouring so hard!!



Valerie said...

What's the old song about what "Mama said"...something about "Mama said there'd be days like this..." :) Gotta LOVE those days that remind us that our job is far from finished and our kids are also VERY normal!

Such a fun job we GET to do every day! :)

Fruitful Harvest said...

Thanks for the true!

I was telling know you have a large family when..

You go to clean your computer keyboard and you would have thought you were cleaning the toaster! So may crumbs fall out!

I need to think of more and post it!

I loved your post...I will have to share it with hubby when he gets home!


Cheryl said...

Loved your post Christine! It gave me the laugh I needed this morning and also the realization that I am not alone! :o)

Have a great day & God bless!

Cinnamon said...

Oh that is soooo funny!!! You carbon copied out home almost to a *T* :-)

No wonder our kiddos got along so well :-)

p.s how are you feeling? No more morning sickness?

Kimberly said...

Kids, gotta love them...I certainly have days like that...