Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spring Fever?

Wow!!  I can't believe it's been so long since I've visited!!!  We had house guests for almost a week and we had a lovely time - but with all the visiting I think I ran out of words!!

That mixed with the general dreariness that seems to afflict me this time of year - writing anything down seemed like a big task!!

But - I'm back!!  I decided to come up with some activities that will help combat the awful greyness that covers this part of the world this time of year.

Here's what I came up with - some ideas so simple that I can't believe I had to think about it  - but with the dreariness comes a foggy grey brain at times too :0)!!!

We (the kids and I) made a fairy garden in a big jar!  Tons of fun - made a big mess on the floor - got to plant things - which did my gardening heart such good - and ended up with something pretty!!

See the pretty sparkly rocks we put in there?
A view from the top

 And then - feeling on a roll - I found some other jars I could plant things in - some vintage canning jars - with glass tops - so cool - I went down to the woods - found some neat rocks and peeled up some moss and made moss gardens!!  The bright green makes my heart happy!!
Another view from the top

 Then - I did the simplest thing of all - I went outside and hunted around until I found some hopeful signs that the grey days won't be around forever!!  I found several clumps of my mini daffs making their way through the damp soil - so pretty!!

And of course - one thing that always helps is chocolate!!  But this.... this chocolate is special!!  When I saw the display of these spheres (well - almost spheres) of delight - I confess - my heart did a little dance!!  Seeing these in the store made me sing a tiny little song in my head, "Spring is coming!!  Spring is coming!!!  Yahoo!!!"  It's a good thing I didn't sing it out loud - people wouldn't want to hear that - but my heart was singing - and I have since enjoyed some yummy chocolate treats!!



Fruitful Harvest said...

Very nice~
Today its sunny here and while I was out I bought a few pots of bulbs starting to bloom~
I can't wait for the sun to warm my face daily!

I love the fairy garden.....
I bought some house plants that are now almost dead. I bet if I put them in a jar they might revive. I had them in my room that stays cool most of the time.

Peace and Love,

Valerie said...

What fun ideas...I might just have to try the indoor garden ideas are great! I think I would have done the dance of joy in the store at the sight of those eggs....I LOVE them. Horrible, I know! :) I have yet to buy any this year, the orange ones are my favorite. :) BAD weakness.

Spring IS on the way...are you getting sunshine this week?

Valerie said...

By the way...you were missed. :)

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Oh yes~Spring is coming. It just has to be on its way.
I am sorry about your chickens. Something tried terribly hard last night to get in their coop~I think it was a fox by the tracks in the snow. We may be buying some more fencing.

I so enjoyed my visit to your blog!

Have a wonderful afternoon.

mommyx12 said...

I can't say that spring is even close in my part of the world. Definitely looking forward to those outdoor activities.

take care,