Friday, February 25, 2011


After one more blast of snow last night that dropped about 4 inches in about an hour we woke up to this:
And since the kids snuffles were so much better we spent most of the morning getting dressed like this as it was a toasty 19* outside:
  The day has turned out beautiful - with amazingly blue skies and bitingly cold breezes.
The kiddos are thoroughly enjoying the day of sledding!!  Even though I said today was the day to get back to laundry and housekeeping I have not yet begun.  Mainly since it is so cold, little ones come in to warm up frequently (and have the necessary hot cocoa and marshmallows) and then want to go back outside. Which means Mama is spending a good portion of the day yanking boots on and off, zipping and unzipping jackets, opening and shutting doors for mittened hands.  All fun stuff for sure - but I did decide to just give up on the housekeeping - the pile of snow gear is just too big and the mud brought in with snow-covered boots is never ending :0)!!  So once again I say - tomorrow - the laundry and housekeeping will resume.  Is all this a good excuse for procrastination?!!

On a side note - I am praying my blueberry bush and clematis vines that were all ready for Spring make it through this cold snap!!!  They really thought warmer weather was here to stay even if it is only February!!



Valerie said...

I am so bummed...the storm totally skipped over us and headed to you. Areas around us even got more snow than we lower elevations too. My kids were totally bummed we didn't get much out of this last round of snow. We got a pretty couple of inches, but it's all but gone now.

Enjoy your snow...and YES, it is the perfect excuse for procrastination my friend!! :)

By the way, I'd bet your blueberry bushes will be just fine. :) Mine thought winter was over too. I think as long as they don't have full on blossoms, they should be fine.

Oh how I wish we could visit. Your place looks beautiful!

mommyx12 said...

I have to tell you that raising kids in the country is so different than in town. It has been a huge blessing being out where we are. We were just talking about it tonight in fact. Our kids don't know what it's like to run around town, get in with bad kids, etc. They just play around home with each other and don't even know the difference. Certainly has made life easier for us, and quieter. I can relate to being pregnant at 44 with toddlers in tow. It actually wasn't that long ago so it's still fresh. It's not an easy road but so worth it as you already know.

blessings to you,

Cinnamon said...

Tomorrow ~ sometimes, that's a good thing :-)

How are you feeling? Energetic? Tired? Getting rest? I never heard your due date. Do you have any names picked out?

Just think we will have two children about the same age :-) fun fun fun!!

We got snow too but not as much as you. I have stayed inside for most of it but love watching it fall from the sky :-)

~hugs~ Cinnamon

Fruitful Harvest said...

The snow has been so fun here too!
We got some both days of the storm.
I hear ya on the house work.
I did kick it into high gear when I invited friends over on the frist snow day!

All the snow parifinalia (sp?) is fun too....loads of hats,coats boots, mismatched gloves.....***sigh***

I will pray your plants make it through this cold snap ok!

Peace and Love,