Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Normal - In a New Year

Time to get back to normal in a New Year

Time to get back to work :0)!!
This holiday season was very different than I had imagined or planned.  A heart-wrenching tragedy within our church family and a sudden change in plans that I didn't understand made Christmas look far different than the ideas dancing in my head.  I had to work hard to maintain the joy of the season.

But - those things happen.  Both were out of my control - both were difficult to fathom - actually I still don't understand.  The wonderful thing is...this celebration we just engaged in is about the fact that God is in control!!  He has a plan - I don't have to understand - He's still with me - even when joy is elusive!!  Oh, what a comfort!!!  In reality - our holidays ended up being beautiful - just different than what I had hoped.

And's time to start fresh.  Normal life begins again - in a New Year.  I have been thinking about what I'd like to do different this year - what I'd like to change - along with the calender.  A NEW normal - in a New Year!!

Our pastor said something that grabbed my heart and this is what I'd like to see in my life...He said "Jesus always acted with Eternal Intent".  I'd like to act with "eternal intent"  If I did, anxiety would not be such a big part of my life, having a servant's heart would not be so difficult and time robbers would not be so hard to put aside!!!  Well, I'm not making it a resolution (I don't really do resolutions) but I am keeping those words close to my heart and I have purposed to make prayer and Bible time a bigger priority so that I can more easily "act with eternal intent". 

A Challenge for sure!!  It's already been hard - hehehehe - I'm not surprised!!  With some relaxation under my belt (homeschool holiday) it was difficult to wake up this morning - earlier!!  Wow - kinda like lifting extra heavy weights to get my eyelids open - just to be honest :0)!!!  And the sweet kiddos didn't wake up so sweet this morning!!  Somehow - getting back into regular routine isn't easy for anyone.  Ears filled with whining sorta makes it hard to act with eternal intent - makes me really want to climb back into bed and pull the covers over my ears!!  Oh well, God will be my companion and He will help me - the wonder is....I don't have to do this all by myself!!!  Praise Him and Amen!!!  What a joy to know!!!!

Blessings this first week 2011!!!


Cinnamon said...

Happy New Year sweet Christine!!

Glad you're up and about and pursuing your new normal :-)

Sorry to hear about the disruptions your holidays had :-( ~hugs~

Did you get all your crocheting done? You do it soo beautifully!

Miss you~ Cinnamon

Valerie said...


Happy New Year! Your heart is much the same as mine, in the "eternal intent" area. This has been a big part of my thinking lately too. SO much in this life can act as a distraction from what our true purpose is. One thing our pastor said this past month was to focus on the "who" that is on our list and not the "what"...that was huge for me. Relationships, being a witness of Christ and focusing on that is what's important. Being the woman or man that God called us to be, is ultimately what matters. Our "plans" don't amount to much when compared to what the Lord has for us.

Praying for your family, your church family too! Praying for a glorious new year for all of you. {{{HUGS}}}