Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Box

A delivery man came to the door with a box just for me yesterday!!!  Why did I get a special package?  Well, a few weeks ago my friend Becky over at Junk to Joy had a give away and to my huge surprise my name was drawn.  The funny thing is - I had not meant to enter the contest - I meant to leave Becky a note on another post.  Silly me!!  But anyway my name came up and Becky sent me a delightful box full of goodies.  What came in this box of sparkly paper?
A beautiful card with such an encouraging note - it cheered my soul!!  (The darling detachable tag will be on my Christmas tree next year!!)
This adorable felted pear has made itself right at home on my mantle - so sweet!!!
This beautiful wall hanging - a reminder of one of my goals for this new year - JOY - is now hanging in my bedroom where I can see it every morning!!
This darling mug (that I am using this very minute) makes me think of lovely Becky in her warm and sunny Florida - and the yummy chocolates are an added bonus!!
And at the bottom of this fun box were these beautiful decorations - I know just where they are going to stay in my living room - I am just looking for the perfect bowl to display them in - aren't they lovely!!
What a wonderful surprise to open my door and have that delivery man hand me this box filled with charming gifts. 

If you get a chance go visit Becky!  She is such an encouragement to me.  She meets life with such joy in the Lord and is a reminder every time she writes to see the world through eyes of blessing!!!  (Becky also has a darling etsy shop!!)

Thank you Becky for your lovely box - I had such fun opening it and ooooing and ahhhing over every gift!!!  You bless me every time I visit you!!!



BECKY said...

YAY! I am so glad everything arrived in tact! It was such a joy to do for you! Thank you for your patience in the doing!! You are a treasure, sweetie, and our friendship is pure joy to me!!

Hope your new year is off to a great start! If I fly you here will you help me with my routine?? LOL!!!

Lots of love and hugs!!

Cinnamon said...

I love all of your treasures. They fit perfectly with your already lovely decorated home.

Wish we could sip some tea together~


Valerie said...

What a wonderful blessing. :) Very beautiful little treasures...enjoy!

Homeschool on the Croft said...

What a lovely surprise! Beautiful!
Love, Anne x

mommyx12 said...

How wonderful. Love those little blessing.

Fruitful Harvest said...

Wow very cool!
What a nice giveaway to have won! :)
I too love when a box is delivered!

I'm sorry to hear your Christmas was rough.

Peace and Prayers,

Simply Stork said...

it's nice to be blessed in such a way :o)