Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Snowstorm...

that didn't happen!!

For days the weather man has been predicting a once in a generation know...the kind you tell your grandkids about..."I remember when there was 20 inches in one day!!".  That kind of storm.  And yes, they were thinking around 20 inches!!!  That's huge around here!!!

Well, the snow started last evening...beautiful, sparkly snowflakes whirling out of the sky!!  The kids were giddy with excitement at bedtime.  Sweet hubby and I took a lovely walk and enjoyed a chat with the neighbors (everyone seems to come out in weather like that!!).

But when I awoke this morning the first thing that registered in my brain was the gurgling in the rain gutters :0( !!!  Our epic snowstorm had turned into a yucky, slushy mess of rain and wind.  And the rain is scheduled to last for days...the kind of rain that makes Seattlites have to take Vitamin D in tablet form to survive!!!

So in the mourning our loss of sledding and snowman building we decided to pretend we were snowbound:

We built a fire and got out all the Lego's:
We turned saltine crackers into:
these yummy delights (these go a LONG ways in comforting sad kids!!!):
I got out my new yarn and started a fun new project:
And we did NOT go outside since every step in the snow turned into a muddy puddle right under foot (last night before we turned out the lights we had 6 lovely, fluffy inches of snow on everything - the roads were covered and every tree branch had a beautiful sparkly coating):
So many people around here get so upset at the predictions of snow.  They go crazy thinking that they might not be able to make it to work or out to run their errands.  I keep thinking that maybe snow is God's plan to slow us down - to make us step back and enjoy His creation, to enjoy the family that He blessed us with, to connect with and serve our neighbors and just to take a deep breath every now and again!!!  I can't help but wonder why so many people don't like it - 'cause really, when we get snow around here - we are pretty much guaranteed that our weather will turn back to our normal rain in just a few days :0)!!!

So all the grown-ups and kids in this house are praying for another chance at an epic snowstorm.   I would love a great snow story to tell my grand kids!!!!



Valerie said...

I am with you on the wishing for snow front. We didn't even get the 6 inches you got...ours started as a few flakes, then turned to freezing rain, then just plain old SOAKING rain by morning. Such a bummer...and such a frustration when the weather guys get it SO horribly wrong. My family was very bummed, to say the least. Your plan for a snow bound day was a good one...we should have done that too. :) We have a lot of winter yet...we can all hope and pray the snow storm of a lifetime still hits. :)

mommyx12 said...

I love the snow. You are lucky to have it. Here in WI we barely have any on the ground. Very unusual. Say, is there a recipe lurking anywhere on your cracker treat?

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

I wish I could send you some.
We have enough to share.

I enjoyed seeing your pictures.
That treat is my Hannah's favorite dessert of all.

Cinnamon said...

Come on over, we had two days of continual snow. It is a glittery beautiful :-)

Your inside day sounded cozy~


Kimberly said...

snow isn't the is ice storms that put fear in my heart..we always lose power once the lines ice, and then it takes about a week to get the lines prepared..we had an epic winter last year, and i am praying we miss that fun this year...hope you get what you wish for..

Homeschool on the Croft said...

We don't get enough snow either. I love it! The kids, of course, love it, and I love the 'look' of it; the 'feel' of being at home on a very wintry day; and the kids - obviously - love playing outside in it.
Hope you get more....and hope we do too!
(We're on a north-west island off the coast of Scotland, and we don't get nearly enough snow :( !

Fruitful Harvest said...

So how do you make those yummies?
Saltines,chocolate and peanutbutter?

What are you making with your yarn?
I have not knitted in about a month :(

We were hoping for more snow too.
I'm so glad I took my pictures that night...for proof hee hee.

Peace and Joy,