Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Camping

 Into this:
Into this:
Makes my Hubbie into a very happy man!!!

Sweet Daughter doing this:
And making this:
Makes me into a very happy Momma

I will admit - this:
Gave me pause - then I got busy with my green scrubbie (and licked the fudge pan) and I was a happy camper again!!

Oh yeah - smashing candy canes to make this:
Made the littler kids into happy campers too.  (I confess to forgetting to take pictures - but they really did have fun!!!)

I hope you are all camping happy too - in this wintry season of joy!!!



Valerie said...

Christine, your kitchen has been a busy place! Love it! Most of the Christmas season, my kitchen is where I want to be, either that or at the sewing machine or with some knitting or something. :) Your goodies look wonderful!

Enjoy the sunshine today, if you have any. It's sunny and beautiful here today, about 49 degrees. Wish it were snowing, but I'll take the sunshine for a change of pace too. :)

Fruitful Harvest said...

Hi Christine,

Thanks for stopping by.
I am taking a quick break to color my hair...again my roots were begining to show. I have 20 minutes to sit withthis goo on my head. This time I'm useing Strawberry Blonde from the store (not henna....they were out of the color I wanted)

Thanks for the laugh.....
I read your post title about camper.

So with camping on the brain, your picture looked like baked beans.
Or is it candy? smile*

It might be the gooo on my head...I can't think clear. :) lol

I'm glad you are having a great Christmas season! Jackie just made peppermint bark today....I will post all our elving moments over the weekend.

All your holiday baking looks scrumptious! sigh*
Large family Christmas is the best isn't it!

I pray all is well with the pregnancy and that the morning sickness is about through~

Peace and Joy,

BECKY said...

Hi Cutie! Listen, I want to mail your package today, but realized that you hadn't sent me your mailing addy yet! Can you do that for me??
Mail it to

Love and prayers for a joyful Christmas and a wonderful new year!!

You are such a blessing to me, Christine!

Love and hugs,