Monday, September 6, 2010


We did indeed camp near a real shipwreck - a ship that grounded here in 1906.

We are home and had a marvelous, restful and relaxing trip. Getting ready for school and laundry sorta kept me away from the computer for a while. We had so much fun and did so many things I can't begin to tell all - so I'll just let some of my many pictures speak for themselves :0)! Our humble house on wheels - a camping delight - if I may say so! I am now a wussie camper and proud of it - not being cold and scared all night long in a tent was awesome!!!!
Beach play - as you can see - we were blessed with unusually wonderful weather for the coast!! (the Oregon coast that is) it was nice enough to even get wet!!
Tide pools
The fabulous Oregon coast rocks!!!

Sam got to be the powder boy for the Civil War re-enactment they had at the fort (on his birthday no-less!!!)
Cannon fire Sunset on the beach
Kite flying on the Washington coast - note the amazingly blue sky - a rarity on this part of the Pacific!!!
The rain came creeping in on our last day - Goodbye coast - we had fun!!
We were indeed blessed with amazing weather, a gorgeous location and fabulous fun!! We were blessed with safety and good health! We came home rested and relaxed and ready to start the new season that is fast approaching.


Cinnamon said...

That looked marvelous!! My kids miss the beach sooo much. Glad you all had a great time~


Fruitful Harvest said...

Hi Christine~

You are my BIG winner of my giveaway! I just need your address.
(e-mail it to me)

I will do my best to get the package mailed off in the next week.
We are having house guest for the next 2 weeks!

It looks like you all had a fun time at Ft Stevens. I love your camper! So cute and rustic!

Peace and Love,

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

You have a beautiful family. I enjoyed looking over your blog, and will try to check back soon. We're headed to the coast ourselves :-)