Monday, September 27, 2010

Simple Monday

It's been a while since I have done this!!

For Today...September27, 2010

Outside My Window... Clouds and showers with sunbreaks - but oddly warm and muggy for our area!!  It feels funny - I think I'd like a storm to roll in!!!

I Am Thankful For...My husband's cheerful spirit!!  He is such a hard worker and is always glad to do whatever is needed!  He inspires me!!

I Am Remembering...The fun time we had at the fair last week.  We were given tickets by a friend who wasn't going to use them and we had a fabulous time - especially in the Hobby Barn where we got to see all the neat things people do and create in their spare time.  (I was sad to realize I had forgotten to bring my camera!)

I Am Creating...A baby blanket for the new little one that is soon to join our family and make me an Auntie again.  Can't wait to find out who the little sweetie is (and whether to trim the blankie with pink or blue!!)  I am excited to find that I have enough yarn to crochet a matching hat.  Yay!!  I love to make hats.

I Am Reading...My Bible of course, along with His Utmost for His Highest.  I am also reading a Lord Peter Whimsey mystery by Dorothy Sayers.  A charming detective story - such fun!!

I Am Hoping...For a very snowy winter like we had two winters ago!!  Looking forward to the excitement and joy that comes with kiddos waking up to snow!!!  Last winter was a disappointment in the snow department - but on the upside we had plenty of sunshine!!

On My Mind...Thinking about how I can support my husband through the job searching he will be doing soon.

From the Learning Rooms...We are studying Astronomy in science this year - notebooking style - I just love notebooking!!!!

I Am Noticing...the trees beginning to change color and the spiders that are busy building webs EVERYWHERE!!  Ugh!!  I like them outside eating bugs in my garden but not across the doorway when I go out in the morning!!! :0)

I Am Pondering...God's plans - how His timing for things doesn't seem like the logical way to do things to my so very human mind!!  He certainly is filled with surprises!!

From The Kitchen...Lasagna and homemade bread - thinking about whether I should slip the spinach I have into the main dish or prepare it as a side dish.  I think I'll decide as I make it.  I'm making two pans full - one for the freezer.

Around The House...After I'm done here I am tidying up my bedroom and bath - our room is always last on the list - not today though!!!  The clutter is bothering me - so it's first this week!!!

One Of My Favorite Things...Okay I know this is silly - but - taking of my shoes after I exercise!!  I exercise everyday - and I just can't wait to take off my shoes when I'm done.  I don't wear tie-up shoes most of the time and my feet feel cramped in my runners so it feels awesome to take them off when I'm done!!! :0)  Silly huh?!!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...We start our school co-op this week.  We go to classes on Fridays - so I gotta start thinking about packing the picnic basket for lunch at school - the kids are jazzed - they've missed their friends over the summer!!

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Bread for dinner
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Fruitful Harvest said...

Hey Girl~

I find myself sneaking in the spinach into the lasana.
(puree spinach and carrots putting it into the tomato sauce!)

I laugh too....I hardly ever wear lace up shoes either! I have a high arch and my feet go numb. lol

We had a fun time at the fair last week. (we went on Wednesday and hubby joined us after work)
Hubby wanted us to go on the sunny day without him vs the next day he had off in the rain! Sweet man!:)

I pray things are getting better at your place!

Peace and Love Your Friend,

Lands Family Led by the Lord said...

I love My Utmost for His Highest. I read it everyday along with my Bible. I can not seem to move to another devotional.

I enjoyed your day book post.


BECKY said...

Your bread looks amazing! How do you do it all gal? You are something else!!

LOVE ya!