Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back to More Cheerful Subjects!!

I am sitting here watching a darling chickadee in my sweet maple tree outside my window and thanking God.  He is good!!

  One thing I'm thanking Him for is all of my bloggy friends.  I used to be very scared of the internet because it seemed to be so useful to spread evil.  But once my friend persuaded me to check out blogging I found out differently.  In our crazy mixed up world where things seem so backwards especially when it comes to things like family I discovered a whole community of women who are dedicated to their husbands and children and who are joyfully living out God's plan!!

I want to thank you all for your lovely encouragement and prayers!!  There is something so nice about knowing there are people praying!!  I know God is in charge and while my wobbly old heart and feelings sometimes want to act like we're alone in the world - I know differently.  I'm so glad this journey is no surprise to God!!!

Life is getting sorta back to normal - I always have laundry to fold but at the moment I am avoiding  impossibly high mountains of folding :0).  Oh well - it'll get done. 

I still have some canning to do, but have gotten a good amount of food put up.
We came home from our trip to Eastern Washington with 100 lbs of peaches, 80 lbs of pears and 150 lbs of apples!!

From empty to full in just a few days
My smart Hubby set up my canner pot outside for me on a propane burner next to the picnic table.  I did most of the preparation inside since Fall has arrived early here and it's been raining lots - but doing the actual canning outside has been such a help and is really better since I have ruined several burners with my heavy canner in bygone years.
So far I have put up 56 quarts of peaches and 33 quarts of pear sauce (mighty good on a pork roast in the winter, mmmm).  I also made several huge peach crisps (Oh so yummy!!!) and we ate quite a few of those delicious tree ripened pears.  (I forgot to take a picture of the pear sauce on the counter - I had to put them away quick because the teenage boys in the house were threatening to open and eat up jars full almost as fast as they came out of the canner!!)

I still have applesauce which I plan to start tomorrow and corn which I hope to go pick and freeze later this week.

There is something so satisfying about opening the pantry door and seeing those gleaming jars all lined up - knowing I have wholesome, homemade food for my family!! 

Again, I want to tell all of you who encouraged me thank you!!  Your virtual hugs have meant so much to me!!  I am sending {{hugs}} back to all of you!! 



Valerie said...

Christine, you have been busy! :) You are right, it does feel VERY satisfying to look at the pantry shelves and see a bounty of food to see your family through the winter. Praying for you and your family as you weather an uncertain storm. :) God is SO good....ALL THE TIME! It IS a wonderful thing to know that HE cares for our needs and cares ABOUT our needs! HE SEES AND KNOWS ALL...and WILL be faithful to see you through whatever may be ahead of you and your family. :)

BECKY said...

Hi Lovely Christine,
Oh Dear! So sorry to hear about the lice! Been there done that...and they are no respecter of AGE!!

And hubby's job...again, so very sorry. I know it can be such a trying time when that happens...we've been through that too, but I also know that as servants of the Lord, He will give you both wisdom and will walk through this with you! And quite possibly provide something even better!! That is my prayer for you!!

I love all the like-minded women in blogland, too. What a blessing! You, my dear, are one I truly treasure!

Praying God's peace and rest for your heart, sweetie.
Love you,

Cinnamon said...

I am jealous!!! Look at all those beautiful canned peaches :-0 ]

I also remembered that you don't have to "wash" everything that lice comes in contact with. Like stuffed animals, pillows, blankets (things that might be clean already) you can throw in the dryer for 30 min's on high heat. The heat is suppose to kill the lice. Plus is sort of cuts down on a full load of laundry.

Hope those little bugs are fleeing your home as I type!

Glad you're feeling a bit better~


Fruitful Harvest said...

Wow girl you have been busy!
I bet it feels goods to have a full pantry.

Peach crisp sounds yummo~
You are in my prayers~

Peace and Love,