Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autumn Arrives

Happy Autumn!!!  This is what it looks like in my neck of the woods on this first day of Fall:
Chilly and wet but still lush and green - the colors will be coming soon.

Indoors we have a sick kiddie :0(
Poor Sweetie!!
But fun is still being had:
Blanket forts - the best kind of indoor fun!!  I love to hear the kids say, "Mom, can I build a fort?"  I have lots of quilts lying around (partly)  for this purpose - (the other part is for Mommy to snuggle under them on those nippy Autumn evenings with my crochet hook!)

The day before yesterday a nice man saw me with my kids and asked me if I was out with the grandkids!!!  Ummmm!!!  Not really sure how I feel about that - maybe I need to get some hair color - I am seeing some grey hair :0)

Well, I'm off to tidy the house and light my spicy candle - mmmm!!!  Happy First day of Autumn!!



BECKY said...

Hi Christine! I just love my memories of building forts when I was growing up and then with all of our girls!! They are the best! We also built outside forts in the woods! HA! Would never even dream of letting my kids or grandkids do that here!!

Don't let some nut make you feel like you look old! You have a wonderful youthful, fresh look...maybe he needed some new specs or something!

Love and hugs to you my sweet friend. I really meant what I said in my last comment~~I know we would be great friends if we lived closer!
Have a delightful Friday! Praying for your sick little one!

Kimberly said...

When I go to school functions, I am confronted by the reality of being not only the oldest Mom with little ones, but most of the other Moms I knew as teens..yikes!@

Valerie said...

This is my favorite time of year, I do believe! :) The colors, smells and cozy nice after a long summer. :) Praying for your sick little one, we've had a cold running around our house for the past week or so. :( Enjoy your kids fort building....and your cuddle time! Happy Fall! :)

The Mayo Family said...

Awe Dear friend,
# 1 We will be praying for your wise and other wise.Autum is my favorite season!And on the gray hair comment I was out with my children and someone said that to me... & through misty eyes thought 'how hard is it to color hair',my Dad will be 79 in November and I have more silver threads (as my girls call`em)than him!HA! I now try to look at it, like my hair is turning kinda like my Mom's was so it makes me think of her... lost her 8 yrs ago...thats one way to accept the "Grandma" questions! :) My youngest is 3 now & they are up to 21yrs.
Do hope things are looking up, that your lil-one is better & keeps it too them self...(ha in a family of 10) well we have taught them to share....
Prayers for all.